Is Laura Ingraham in a Relationship? Her Dating History Revealed

Is Laura Ingraham in a Relationship

Laura Ingraham is a well-known conservative commentator, author, and television host. She is the host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel, and the editor-in-chief of LifeZette, a conservative news website. She is also a single mother of three adopted children: Maria, Michael, and Nikolai. But what about her love life? Is Laura Ingraham in a relationship, and who has she dated in the past? Here is everything you need to know about the personal life of this influential media personality.

Laura Ingraham’s Current Relationship Status

According to various sources, Laura Ingraham is currently single and not in a public relationship. She has been linked to several prominent men in the past, but none of them resulted in marriage. She has also been engaged twice, but both engagements were called off. She has never been married, and she has no biological children. She adopted her daughter Maria from Guatemala in 2008, and her sons Michael and Nikolai from Russia in 2009 and 2011, respectively. She has said that her children are her priority, and that she is happy with her family life.

Laura Ingraham’s Dating History

Laura Ingraham has had a colorful dating history, featuring both liberals and conservatives, politicians and celebrities. Here are some of the men she has been romantically involved with over the years:

  • Dinesh D’Souza: Laura Ingraham dated Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative author and filmmaker, when they were both students at Dartmouth University in the early 1980s. They worked together at The Dartmouth Review, a conservative student newspaper, and they even got engaged at one point. However, they never got married, and they broke up for unknown reasons. They remained friends, and Laura supported Dinesh when he was sentenced for campaign finance fraud in 2014.
  • Robert Torricelli: Laura Ingraham dated Robert Torricelli, a former Democratic senator from New Jersey, in 1999. It was a surprising match, given their political differences, but they reportedly had a brief romance. Neither of them confirmed or commented on their relationship, and it is unclear how and why they parted ways.
  • Keith Olbermann: Laura Ingraham dated Keith Olbermann, a liberal broadcaster and former MSNBC host, in 1998. It was another unexpected pairing, as they had opposite views on many issues. They met at the 1997 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and they had a short-lived relationship. They broke up amicably, and Keith said that their political differences were not the main reason for their split. They later criticized each other on their respective shows, but they also praised each other on some occasions.
  • James V. Reyes: Laura Ingraham was engaged to James V. Reyes, a businessman and Republican donor, in 2005. They planned to get married in 2006, but Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before their wedding. She underwent surgery and treatment, and she recovered from the disease. However, she and James called off their engagement, and they never got married. Laura said that the cancer diagnosis was not the reason for their breakup, and that they had other issues that they could not resolve.
  • George T. Conway III: Laura Ingraham was engaged to George T. Conway III, a lawyer and the husband of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, in the early 1990s. They met at a party in Washington, D.C., and they dated for a few years. They got engaged in 1994, but they never got married, and they broke up in 1997. George later married Kellyanne in 2001, and they have four children together. George is a vocal critic of President Trump, while Laura is a staunch supporter of him.


Laura Ingraham is a successful and influential conservative commentator, author, and television host. She is also a single mother of three adopted children, who are her pride and joy. She is not in a relationship at the moment, and she has never been married. She has dated several prominent men in the past, but none of them lasted. She has said that she is content with her life, and that she does not need a man to complete her. She is an example of a strong and independent woman, who has made a mark in the media industry.

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