Kenan Thompson Divorce: What You Need to Know About the SNL Star’s Split

Kenan Thompson Divorce

Kenan Thompson Divorce

Kenan Thompson Divorce: Kenan Thompson is one of the most popular and longest-running cast members of Saturday Night Live, the iconic sketch comedy show that has been entertaining audiences for over four decades. He is also the star of his own sitcom, Kenan, which premiered in 2021 and follows his fictionalized life as a widowed father of two girls. But what many fans may not know is that Thompson’s real-life marriage has recently ended after 11 years. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kenan Thompson divorce, and how it has affected him and his family.

Reasons behind Kenan Thompson Divorce

There is no official statement from Kenan Thompson or Christina Evangeline about the reasons behind their divorce. However, sources close to the former couple say that they simply grew apart and wanted different things. They also say that the divorce was amicable and they are still close as co-parents of their two daughters.

How did met Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline?

Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline met in 2008 through a mutual friend, talent manager Danny Estrada. They started dating almost immediately and got engaged in September 2010. They married in a private ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia, on 11 November 2011.

Who is Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife, Christina Evangeline?

Christina Evangeline is a former model and actress, who has appeared in films such as The Deported and Mini Supreme. She is also a wellness advocate and the founder of Evermore, a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to grieving parents who have lost a child. Evangeline met Thompson in 2010, and they got married in November 2011 at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. They have two daughters together: Georgia Marie, born in 2014, and Gianna Michelle, born in 2018.

When and why did Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline divorce?

According to TMZ, Thompson filed for divorce from Evangeline in May 2021, in the state of New York. However, the couple had reportedly been separated for over a year before that, since early 2020. The reason for their split is not clear, but sources told TMZ that it was a mutual and amicable decision, and that they still respect and care for each other. They also agreed to share joint custody of their two children, and to co-parent them peacefully.

How did the divorce affect Kenan Thompson’s career and personal life?

Thompson has not publicly commented on his divorce, but he has continued to work on his successful career as a comedian and actor. He has been a regular on SNL since 2003, and has become known for his impressions of celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Al Sharpton, and Bill Cosby. He has also appeared in movies such as Good Burger, Fat Albert, and Snakes on a Plane. In 2021, he launched his own sitcom, Kenan, which is loosely based on his life as a single dad. The show has received positive reviews from critics and viewers, and has been renewed for a second season.

Thompson has also maintained a close relationship with his family, especially his two daughters, who he often posts about on his Instagram account. He has also expressed his gratitude for his ex-wife, who moved with him and their children to Regina, Canada, in 2020, when he was drafted by the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League. Kenan Thompson told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in April 2021: “My wife, thank God she’s still with me.” He also said that he was doing “good” and that he was focused on his goals and his family.

What’s next for Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline?

Thompson and Evangeline have not revealed their plans for the future, but they seem to be moving on with their lives and careers. Thompson is expected to return to SNL for its 47th season, and to continue working on his sitcom, Kenan. He is also set to star in the upcoming Home Alone reboot, Home Sweet Home Alone, which will premiere on Disney+ in November 2021. Evangeline is likely to pursue her passion for wellness and philanthropy, and to support her non-profit, Evermore. She is also active on social media, where she shares her insights and experiences on topics such as grief, spirituality, and self-care.

Thompson and Evangeline may have ended their marriage, but they have not ended their friendship and partnership. They are still a family, and they are still supportive of each other and their children. Thompson and Evangeline have shown their strength and resilience, and they have proven that divorce does not have to be a bitter or painful process. They are an example of how to handle a divorce with dignity and grace.

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